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Attention to all Mare Owners!

Due to the serious nature of a recent outbreak of the neurologic strain of Equine Herpesvirus (EHV-1), the following requirements have been adopted by Bar Y Equine.

A current health certificate issued within 72 hours prior to arrival at the breeding farm which shows the vaccination record for each horse. The horse must have been vaccinated with an FDA approved modified live or killed virus vaccine for EHV-1 not more than 60 days prior to date of arrival. The veterinarian must provide the date of vaccination, the brand, serial number, and the expiration date of vaccine.

The health certificate must also contain a statement by the issuing veterinarian that he/she has physically examined each horse within 72 hours of issuing the health certificate, and
i. the horse does not exhibit any clinical signs of the virus;
ii. the temperature of the horse was normal at the time of the examination;
iii. the veterinarian verified with the owner that the horse has not been exposed to a suspected EHV-1 positive horse.

Bar Y Equine will always do all it can to protect the health of its equine population and our clients investments.

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Running Brown Horse

Bless the Broodmares! Our broodmares have given us pleasure for so long and the rewards they have given us through the years have been immeasurable.